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PPA Cover and Curriculum Support for Teachers is very important within Schools and this is why District Sports are very proud to cover or assist with any PE sessions within your schools, with some fantastic skills, sports and games.


We offer any sport, dance, swimming or exercise session that you would like and we tailor everything to what the school, the National Curriculum and the children need. We base our sessions on inclusion-for-all and therefore we make sure every child is involved and enjoying the session regardless of their ability level.


We work within many schools over Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset delivering PE Sessions and we do not just see it as covering an hour or two, we see it as District Sports becoming a part of the school and making an impact on the children and also the teachers. We want to use physical activity and exercise to increase the children's confidence, as we believe each and every child deserves to be positive about what they take part in and what they learn about.

  • Our coaches are DBS checked

  • Our coaches hold a safeguarding certificate with the course being re-done every year

  • Our coaches are first aid trained and revisit their training every year

  • We hold £10 million Public Liability Insurance

  • We undergo CPD training every year to better our knowledge and skills

To find out about all the sports and activities we can provide, please give us a call, send us an email or use the form on our contact page. We look forward to speaking with you very soon and hopefully becoming a part of your wonderful school.


Mrs Williams, Lulworth and Winfrith Primary School

District Sports Coaches play a key role in our schools provision of high quality PE lessons.  The subject knowledge and specialist skills of the Sports Coaches ensure that all our children are supported to succeed in a range of sports and activities. A year 4 child said, "I think PE lessons with Tom are fun. He always starts with a fun game and when we are doing the sports he puts in parts of games that are fun."

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Mrs Stewart, St Michael's Primary School

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The children really look forward to Tom and Beth’s PE lessons every week. Tom and Beth are such kind, friendly and charismatic people with a noticeable passion for what they do. Their lessons are always adapted for the need of the group whether that be a reception class, year 6 or SEN group but the consistent thing is the children are always excited and engaged! 

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