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At District Sports, we are renowned for our amazing Day Camps offered during Half-Term breaks and the long Summer holiday period. We feel we have created a wonderful Multi-Sports Day Camp that is suitable and enjoyable for all ages, abilities and diversities.

Typically, we offer a wide range of sports throughout the day so that your children can guarantee to find something they enjoy, or maybe even something they haven’t given a try yet! If sports isn’t their favourite thing to do, then that’s okay, you can be rest assured that the day will be full of other games and activities suited to everyone, alongside an arts and crafts table where the children can fill their day with colouring, drawing and making things!

Please make sure your child brings food for snack times, lunch time and enough non-fizzy drinks to last throughout the day and we shall provide you with all the fun you could need!

We can also help run Day Camps for other businesses, sports clubs or schools, so drop us an email and we will gladly help create and run the perfect camp for you.

Amesbury RFC Tag Rugby Camp (94).jpg
Amesbury RFC Tag Rugby Camp (42).jpg
Amesbury RFC Tag Rugby Camp (52).jpg
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